24 November 2014

The String Toy

I'm under a kitchen chair

 as I love to play with this spider on a string toy

as it  bounces when I whap it

and I try so hard to catch it.


23 November 2014

Hannah's Selfie

This is my selfie for today

and I have linked to

It is pouring with rain and very cold

so now I'm going back to bed.

22 November 2014

Where's Lucy?

Mum's been looking for Lucy

but she can't find her anywhere!

Can you help find her please?


21 November 2014

Caught Out

I came into the conservatory

and saw Hannah sitting on my her cushion.

so I pretended not to see her in the hope

that she would move

but she just sat watching me so I went up

on the window sill

and meandered along as if I didn't know she was there!


20 November 2014

A Quiet Morning

It's going to be quiet this morning

as Mum is going out.

I'll sit on the wall

and stay for a while before going inside

to see if she's back and check if it's time for lunch.

19 November 2014

Window Walking

At least it isn't misty today

so hopefully I'll be able to walk round the garden

without getting dripped on

and Mum moaning about dirty paws.


18 November 2014

I'm Waiting

Mum I'm waiting

 for you to sit down.

If I  show you my floofy tummy

will you hurry up so I can sit on your knee?