21 December 2014

A Double Selfie

This is Hannah's  Selfie today

and this one is Lucy's Selfie .

Please go and visit at

We think you'll all smile.

19 December 2014

Not Going Out

I decided to run down the garden

and pushed the cat flap open

then let it close with a bang

It's too cold

out there for me!!

18 December 2014


I'm sitting in the hall

and I'm feeling rather bored as

it's still too cold to go outside for long.

so I've done a little decorating.

Do you think Mum will like it?


17 December 2014

Is it Time?

Hannah asked me

if it was time for lunch

as she was waiting by the fridge.

I didn't know but thought I'd keep her company

as I'd hate to miss a meal!


16 December 2014

Our 4th Gotcha Day

It's 4 years today since Mum rescued us

from the RSPCA.

This is very first picture she took 

when she decided we would have our own blog.

The camera has scarcely been out of her hand since!

Here is a picture of me in the garden in Spring 2011

and I love being outside when the sun shines

as does Hannah

Mum nearly died of fright when she went on

her first roof walk

Once when Mum was going to the supermarket 

I decided to stow away and go with her

but unfortunately she noticed the bags were heavy!

We soon developed a love of the finest nip

thanks to our friend Bin who sent it to us.

and here's Lucy

sleeping it off.

Lastly here's Hannah showing off her

her bad leg when Mum stepped on her paw

and damaged 2 ligaments.

She's better now so we can enjoy our party so

please come and join us it will be fun.


15 December 2014

It's Cold Outside

We've been mooching round inside

as it's too cold to go out.

Mum says the frost is just starting to thaw now 

so we hope we might take be able to take a stroll later

12 December 2014

Freezing Friday

The sun was lovely this morning

so I went outside.

The sky was so blue


the slabs were so cold that I scurried back inside

and rolled over so Mum

Mum could rub my tummy warm again.