9 October 2015

Keeping Fit


I'm trying to keep fit

and have started exercising

using the pole on the cat tree.

This exercise helps with climbing fences

as it makes my legs work hard

and helps getting my muscles firmer.

Mum disagrees with me

and says I look much better

when I'm having a rest.


8 October 2015

My Tail

Does my tail

look big in this ?

Answers on a postcard please!!

I hope it doesn't look too big as I'm visiting

Diane my vet this afternoon to see if my cold has gone

Mum says she doesn't think it has but

I hope I don't have to have any more more stabbings.



6 October 2015

Something's Hiding

I can hear something moving 

so I'm staying very still 

and trying not not to make a noise 

before I jump in this bush

Oh No!

Hannah came by and disturbed me !!


Thank you for all your nice messages when I was

feeling sorry for myself and unwell.  Diane my vet

has been very attentive and given me a 3 day injection

so I don't need to see her again until Thursday.

Luv Lucy xx xx


5 October 2015

I'm Not Asleep


Lucy thinks I'm asleep

but I'm not 

I'm sticking my tongue out at her!


2 October 2015

Lucy's Nippy Nana

I love my nippy nana

and it makes me very happy

when I roll about the floor

and take some

great big sniffs.


1 October 2015

Our Neighbour


Our neighbour has gone on holiday

and asked us to check on her bungalow

while she was away,

We checked over the conservatory

and the road outside.

Fortunately there were no strangers about

and we looked all around our close

but no-one was there so we went home and ate our lunch

and will do another patrol before it gets dark.