2 September 2014

Toes on Tuesday

I'm trying to look as though I'm asleep

so I've closed my eyes and also my ears

but that didn't work with Mum and the camera

because she wanted to show my toes.




1 September 2014

Oh No!

No sooner than I'd settled down to relax

when the flashy box 

was in my face.

I kept my eyes closed and hoped for some peace.

was I in luck?

What do you think?


30 August 2014

My Favourite Things

Here are a few of my favourite things.

A stroll on the fence

A sniff of fresh clean air

A great hiding place

a freshly made bed

to show a cheeky face to Hannah

and the sound of birds on the conservatory roof

Do you have a list of your favourite things?


29 August 2014

Remembering Sparkle

We would like to remember

Sparkle today

We will all miss her so much

Friday Fun

It makes my day on a Friday

if I can roll about

and throw my legs in the air

in gay abandon!

Do feel free to join me.


28 August 2014

What do do mean?

Hello everyone

I'm on my way home.

What do you mean I need a password Lucy!

I don't care - stand back

I'm coming in NOW!!!!!