7 July 2015

They've Gone

Those men have gone now Lucy

I've just seen them drive off in their van

so it seems we'll be able

to relax this afternoon

and put our paws up.


6 July 2015

Watch Out

Watch out Hannah

there are some men in our kitchen

so we must keep watch

in case they fancy your chicken for their lunch.

What's that!!  You've stolen it from under their noses!!


It's best you hurry up and eat it before they miss it!


3 July 2015

Friday Fun and Games

We found this plastic tie up

on the kitchen floor

Hannah caught the tie first

and moved it onto her tummy furs to torment me.

Lucy knocked it off and it landed on the floor

so she chewed it to make it wet and tossed it down again

She didn't take her eyes off it

until Hannah had lost interest and wandered off.


2 July 2015

A Snooze


I'd had a busy morning

and decided to take a nap before lunch

and it was peaceful as

thankfully Lucy wasn't about

Now you've seen me please tippy toe away

and don't tell her where I am.


1 July 2015

Mum's Newspaper


Mum was reading her newspaper 

when the telephone rang.

It was one of her friends and I got bored waiting

for her to come back

and decided to decorate it for her so when

she came back it would look quite artistic.


I was napping on her paper by then and it

appears that "Mr Not Me" had been very busy again!



30 June 2015

The Hots

It is very hot today

and my thick fur if making me even hotter.

I've been trying to sleep on the bed

to stay cool but now

I think I'll move over

and sit near the window

where I may get a bit of a breeze.



29 June 2015

Monday Mooching


I'm mooching about as

it was so hot here yesterday

there wasn't even a breath of air.

I climbed up onto the fence

in the hope of some fresh air

but not even a leaf

was stirring.