24 April 2014

On the Fence

It's dull today

so not much is going on.

This climber needs cutting down Mum

Look I bet you can hardly see me.

Please get out those secateurs and start pruning

Ahhh"  That's better

22 April 2014

The Pesky Birdies

There are some pesky birdies

walking on the roof

tippy tap, tippy tap

if only I could reach.


21 April 2014

Can I?

Can I have 

a cuddle please?


19 April 2014

Happy Easter

We wish all our friends

a very Hippy, Happy, Hoppy Easter

and hope you get lots of Easter Chicken.

With thanks to our good friend Ann at Zoolatry

who knows we have been struggling with our
internet for over a week 


we have learned a lot of new words from Mum!


Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Nippy Out Takes


17 April 2014

Freshen up Friday

There's a nice bright start today

just right for a wash

but I'd prefer to bath alone

so I'd be delighted if you'd all close your eyes.