22 May 2015

My Morning Stroll

I climbed up on the garage roof

and jumped down onto Elaine's garden gate.

As she wasn't there

I looked across the road

but there wasn't even a bird in sight

so I strolled along the fence and then

jumped down into the garden and went inside

where I found Hannah eating

the remains of my breakfast and I wasn't very pleased!

21 May 2015

Lazing About

I'm feeling lazy today

so I'm taking it easy.

There's no room for anyone else just here

so I should be left alone

and if I'm not

I can always give Lucy a whap!


20 May 2015

The Intruder

I had a leisurely stroll

on the garage roof

and started back along my fence.

I was getting close to our neighbour's conservatory

but when I jumped up on to its roof

just look who was already there!!


19 May 2015

My Afternoon Nap

Take the camera away please Mum 

my eyes are getting tired

and I can feel a sleep coming my way.


18 May 2015

Cat TV

There was a TV programme last night


and Hannah sat close up to watch it

but it was mostly about kittens

who were playing with boxes and jumping about.

We both thought it was silly but Mum enjoyed it!!


15 May 2015

Straw Hat Day

Today is Straw Hat Day

and we're out in the garden

nosing about

and enjoying some sunshine.

Hannah stopped for a while

and watched some ants

but didn't bother to taste them.

Lucy looked tempted to try one but Mum shouted NO!!

and she could tell from her tone she'd be meat if she did!


14 May 2015

Sitting and Watching

I came here to sit

and relax

but I've seen a beetle

and it's gone down a crack in the paving

so I'll sit a while longer

to see if he is going to come out again.