28 July 2014

Our Surprise

A while ago we entered a prize draw  

held by the Kitties Blue and their Mom

for a flag and forgot about it.

We were so surprised when a parcel arrived for us 

to find we had won their prize.


They also sent Mum a great shopping bag

(all the better for the supermarket sweep)!!

and some of their home grown nip for us

and a lovely card.

Woo Hoo!!

Thank you all very much for the lovely things.


26 July 2014

25 July 2014

Go Away

I'm resting Mum

so please leave me

to dream in peace.


24 July 2014

In the Shade

It's really hot again today

so I'm sheltering from the sun.

Mum has shouted me to go inside

as she's worried my nose could get burned.


22 July 2014

The Feather

I found a little white feather (right by my paw)

and it tickled my nose

then the breeze wafted it away

I wish it would come back.


21 July 2014

A Modern Girl

Mum saw me relaxing

and started to laugh

as she thought my neck furs looked

like an Elizabethan ruff

but I told her I'm a modern girl.