21 September 2014

Lucy's Selfie

Here is my selfie for today

20 September 2014

Just Checking

I'm trying to do a toy inventory

to make sure nothing's missing

and Hannah's watching me from the door way

I'm trying to ignore her and pretend I'm having a bath

Phew -  I think I've fooled her

as she's just wandered away.

19 September 2014

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Today is a day for Pirate Mania

We are vicious task masters

and ye will soon be walking the plank

if you disobey our orders or give the captain any lip.

Now here is the map we stole so study it hard.

There are several pirate ships about but we need

to follow one that has a good Captain who can read 

treasure maps and knows where to dig for 

the hidden gold coins and jewels.

We'll be going to fight him and his motley crew

and when they have fled

we'll party through the night with plenty of  grog

and plates of food.

Drink up me hearties and have fun as you'll need

to be merry afore ye dance the hornpipe.

Bottoms Up!

18 September 2014

A Surprise for Mum

It's a nice morning

and I strolled along the fence

to get on the garage roof

I was enjoying the peace and quiet

when I heard Mum's car on the drive

so I got ready to surprise her.

16 September 2014

A Nice Morning

It's very nice this morning

and I came out here

to sit and enjoy the sun

not to mention Lucy's fast asleep so I'll get some peace.


15 September 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

I've been very busy this morning

checking the fence and our neighbour's garden.

I've also keeping an eye on Mum but she's
only reading the newspaper

so it's time to take a nap

See you all later.