27 November 2015

My Nap


The sun was shining earlier

and it made me feel very sleepy.

I can feel Hannah watching me

and I wish she'd go away

as I can't relax while her eyes are everywhere!


26 November 2015

It's Very Windy


It's lovely and sunny

but there's a strong wind blowing.

Mum wants me to come down from here

but I love to look around although I must admit

I'm feeling rather cold and windswept

 so maybe she's right!



25 November 2015

My Boing


I love to whap my boing

and pull it over

before letting it go


and giving Hannah

a fright!!


24 November 2015

My Exercise


I like to keep supple

and try to exercise every day

I stretch up here

as far as I can reach

before taking a well earned rest

and a nap.


23 November 2015

A Cold but Sunny Day


Even though it is icy cold here

the sun is shining down

and it is warming me.

while I keep whapping

the winter jasmine.

Mum says the pretty yellow flowers

will be out soon. 


20 November 2015

A Niptastic Day


On a cold and nippy day

what better start is there

than a good sniff of excellent nip

Hannah clearly thought so too

and got rather  "happy".

She sang you a little song

I'M   H-A-P-P-Y,  I'M H-A-P-P-Y


I'M H-A-P-P-Y.


19 November 2015

Look Out


Look Out Hannah

someone's watching you

from under the cover

and she's feeling frisky!