22 July 2014

The Feather

I found a little white feather (right by my paw)

and it tickled my nose

then the breeze wafted it away

I wish it would come back.


21 July 2014

A Modern Girl

Mum saw me relaxing

and started to laugh

as she thought my neck furs looked

like an Elizabethan ruff

but I told her I'm a modern girl.


19 July 2014

In the Jungle

I feel as though I've been dragged

through the undergrowth 

and thought I'd have to shout

 for Tarzan to rescue me

but Mum saw me and lifted me down.

18 July 2014

Are my Whiskers Tidy?


I've only just got up

and my fur is quite dishevelled  and

Mum didn't give me time to attend to my whiskers.

I would be pleased if you could tell me

if my whiskers are untidy.

17 July 2014

Mum's Little Helper

Mum is going to change the sheets

so I rushed in to help her

Here I am

taking a sniff test

Mum!!  I can smell Hannah here!

that's so out of order

it should have been eau de Lucy perfume.


15 July 2014

Ahem! Ahem!

I've been sat here at the door for ages

and have been totally ignored

There's nothing I can do now except

push it open myself

sighs - you can't get the staff these days!