24 October 2014

Getting ready

I'm busy getting ready

 for the weekend 

as I like to be

nice and clean and (hopefully) tidy


23 October 2014

A Surprise

I'm sitting in my tunnel

waiting for Hannah to come through

but she's still eating her breakfast.

I wish she'd hurry up as I want to pounce on her

and meow SURPRISE.


22 October 2014

Getting ready to blog

I'm getting ready to organise Mum

and decide what we are going to blog about tomorrow

I got ready to sit on her knee

and had just got comfy

when the phone rang and she said I won't be long

so I waited and waited, 

and waited

and waited!!


21 October 2014

Do you mind?

Mum wouldn't go away

while I was taking a bath

and making sure my ears were clean

inside and out.


20 October 2014

19 October 2014

18 October 2014

Keeping Warm

I'm sitting on this chair

right up to the radiator

I'm lovely and toasty warm.