31 October 2014


I'm sitting as quiet as a mouse

as Mum's gone in the kitchen

I'm waiting on the cupboard door opening

so I can let Hannah know

it's almost dinner time.


30 October 2014

Window Watching

I've been watching out the window

as it's almost lunch time

and I've heard Mum coming in from the shops

I hope she's got something tasty for us.


28 October 2014

It's Sunny but Chilly

I came outside this morning

and although it's sunny it is verywindy

as you can see from my furs

they are blowing about

and that will mean having a brush 


27 October 2014

My Leaf

I found a lovely big leaf

in the garden yesterday when it was so windy

 It was fun running and chasing it round

but in the end I caught it

and held it tight with my paw.

25 October 2014

My Nippy Nana

I came across my nippy nana

and realised I hadn't played with it for ages

but it still had that very special aroma!

Woo Hoo!!