26 January 2015

Fence Walking

It's bright this morning

although it may be going to rain later

so I hurried 

to jump up on the fence

to just have a quick peek

but Anna wasn't there

so I came home to Mum.


24 January 2015

Sunny Saturday

It's lovely and sunny this morning

so I'm enjoying the warmth

on my furs.

Please go away I can feel a nap coming on.


23 January 2015

Fence Walking

I love to walk along here

and the exercise does me good.

I sniff any plants I pass

just to take a cheeky peek


in my neighbour's garden


22 January 2015

Pole Dancing

I've been pole dancing

Mum loves to watch my moves

I've invited her to join me 

but she hasn't replied 



21 January 2015

Wordy Wednesday

I love

my basket

and my blankies

so please tippy toe away and let me have



20 January 2015

My Exercise Routine

I always start off slowly

as I'd hate to pull a muscle

and begin by raising my front paws

and stretching upwards

and turning my neck from side to side
followed by

a well earned rest.


19 January 2015

An Intruder

On Saturday we had

an evil intruder.

He was on top of the conservatory roof.

Hannah and I rushed outside

and he stopped to look down at us.

Mum shouted to me to go inside and then
the cheek of him

He tapped on the window and waved to us!

We'd never seen Mum move so fast as she
rushed to lock the cat flap!!